LPN Salary

LPN Salary

Many nurse schools know that one of the biggest considerations of choosing a career path is the salary that can be made when the program is complete. In the nursing field, there are some licensed positions that pay a substantial salary. This helps the people that work in these fields to be able to live a comfortable life and to offer their family a good lifestyle. Not only does this field offer a competitive salary, but offers a rewarding career. A combination of helping and taking care of others and making a good income doing it makes many people choose nursing as a career.

What Does Nursing Pay?

An LPN’s salary will vary depending upon their amount of experience, type of job they are doing and the location that they are working in. There are some areas that the pay scale for everything including an LPN is higher than it is in other areas. The different jobs that an LPN can get will pay a wide spectrum of differences. Probably one of the highest paid LPN positions will include assistant administrator or a traveling nurse that is willing to travel to different areas. These nurses are normally paid by the Government in places such as Indian Reservations on their hospitals or clinics or other areas that are in need of nurses such as the wilderness of Alaska. These jobs include a high pay scale because of the travel and the inconvenience of not being around your friends and family.continue reading here!

Different LPN Jobs

• In a nursing home of similar facility
• In a local hospital
• In a local doctor’s office
• In a clinic as an assistant
• As a traveling LPN for an agency or the Government

Does The Job Really Make A Salary Difference?

Most Nurse Schools in Canada know that their students want to find a good paying job. They are also aware that the ones with spouses and children will not be able to take the traveling nurses jobs. They will be looking for jobs and careers close to home so to not disrupt the spouse’s job and the children’s schooling. Some reports show that an LPN can earn anywhere from $13.84 to $23.34 per hour. Others will show that in areas such as Canada that an LPN can earn from $17 an hour up to $34 per hour. A lot of it depends on location and the job that the LPN is doing and their job duties.

LPN Salary

When selecting your LPN Nursing Program, make sure to take all of these things into consideration. When doing your clinical, it is a good way to get a feel if you will like a hospital or a nursing home setting. Pay attention to how your work environment makes you feel and if one of these settings work for you. When you have passed your state test and have gotten your license, you will have an idea on which positions that you will want to apply for. Keep all of your options open and make sure that the nurse schools that you are applying for offer the training to help you be successful in choosing your new career.read more news from http://www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2015-01-23/article-4018415/Update%3A-LPN-retroactive-will-cost-$20-million/1

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