Difference Between LPN And RN


Business Management Schools may offer both the LPN and the RN nursing programs. These are two different programs that students will consider when selecting their position in the field of nursing. There are many differences between these two nursing degrees. LPN stands for License Practical Nurse and the RN stand for Registered Nurse. The LPN program will help to teach the student information to gain their License for their practical nursing degree. The RN program will help to teach the student information to gain their professional registered nursing degree.

Obtaining Your Degree

Most LPN programs will vary in length between 12 and 18 months. They will learn the basics in practical nursing and some of them will work in hospitals, doctor’s offices and nursing homes or facilities. The RN program is a lot longer program with more in depth training. This program covers the teaching of becoming a Registered Nurse which seems to put many of them in the hospital settings. There are different levels of degrees that the RN may obtain and some of them can work their way up into management and even in charge of various clinics. The duties of these nursing licenses may vary from state to state and each nurse must possess a license for each state in which he or she is going to work.check it from https://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?ID=70041

Some Differences

• The RN role will normally supervise the LPN role
• The LPN will normally report observations to the RN
• LPN can obtain data but an RN will normally do the assessments of patients
• The salary scale of the RN is more than that of a normal LPN in non specialized fields
• RN can become Director of Nursing where the LPN will normally be an Assistant DON

Regulations Can Make The Difference

Business Schools in Canada will teach by the regulations of the area where they are located. Many different provinces and states will have different job descriptions that the LPN is allowed to administer. Some will give them more responsibility such as IV therapy, wound dressings, administer medications, transcribe doctors orders and other various duties. In some areas, the LPN is only allowed to gather information, help with vital signs and other similar duties and then report her findings to the RN or Physician in charge of that patient.


The RN has many more responsibilities when it comes to the patients care and is basically the right hand to the Physician. The RN can move on depending upon the degree that he or she has, such as a two year or a 4 year or a bachelors or masters degree. An Rn can move up into many positions such as administration, Director of Nursing, and basically run and supervise their own clinic in some areas. In this case there are normally Physicians that will come in and oversee the clinic and review the records to make sure proper care is being given. There are many things to consider when choosing your career path. Do your research and see what nurse program is the right for you and what Business Management Schools have to offer.

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